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Thank you for your interest in my hand-fabricated sterling silver store.  I am Cheryl Malone, the owner and sole proprietor of CM Sterling, LLC.  Like so many jewelry artists, I did not start out as a metal smith and my journey to get here has been an adventure. During my early years as a bench scientist, I loved designing and carrying out experiments, then analyzing the data. But science did not give me an outlet for artistic expression and so I began exploring several artistic media; including painting, drawing, and fabric art. While I enjoyed those creative experiences, they provided little opportunity to exercise my scientific and analytical skills.  Metal smithing began as an intellectual endeavor and I quickly accumulated an extensive personal library on metal smithing, jewelry design, and jewelry fabrication. I soon found myself spending countless hours studying and dreaming about jewelry making. Now with my own studio, I am living that dream in earnest. What I had not anticipated was how rewarding I would find this art form.  Upon completion of my first piece, I was struck with the realization that metal smithing beautifully combines both my scientific skills and my drive for artistic expression.  So, I am now back at the bench doing something I love.

My Assistants

This is an image of my dog, she is identified as my assistant. Her job is to remind me to take breaks.
This is an image of my dog. He is identified as my assistant. His job is to remind me to take breaks.
This is the business name image for CM Sterling at cmsterling.com

Sterling Silver Jewelry

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